About Us

About Us

A team that loves to create

Fenix Language Institute was founded in 1973 by Arturo Dorado, Lolis Diaz and Abby Thomas as a Total Immersion Program in Spanish. Our mission has always been to seek out the best language acquisition methods available to help students from different countries learn Spanish. In 2007, noting that most of our students were immersed in the new Internet technologies, we asked ourselves a question. Can we really teach Spanish to students from around the world, using the new technologies of the Internet? After intense discussion and debate among members of the staff of FLI, (staff is composed of young language instructors and teachers with experience of over 40 years in teaching Spanish as a second language we decided to experiment the new technological world. In 2009 we started our new stage called Spanish Online Fénix and Fénix Virtual Classroom.

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What we do

Keep it simple

As a child, you acquire your native language by listening to its use, trying out new uses, and gradually attaining fluency. Fenix believes that this method is also applicable to the learning of a second language, a belief strongly backed by a considerable amount of research in the field of second language acquisition. Inside the Fenix Virtual Classroom, we help students to listen, understand, and then express new concepts in the language.

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