How it works

How can the Podcasts help me to improve my Spanish?

You will learn much easier when a topic is interesting to you. If an experience is shared with you that you already know or one that you will soon experience, this will make it much  easier for you to learn the language you are studying.

How are these podcasts different from others?

With the permission of our current and ex students, we have converted their writing assignments in to podcasts. These writing assignments have been proofread by the teachers. Podcasts in Spanish are very useful because shared common human experiences allow a student to understand the language more easily.

Where can I listen  to the podcasts in Spanish?

In your car, in your house, on your cell phone, on your tablet, on your computer, in your country, in another country, in the restroom, in the kitchen, in your room, when you run, when you walk, in your office… where you decide, whenever you want.

Can I listen to and read the podcasts in Spanish?

Yes we recommend this if you have the opportunity to do so. Why not enjoy your podcast more by drinking coffee, tea, water, etc.

How do I find the podcasts I need to develop my Spanish?

Search by categories according to your level or topic that is of interest to you. We continuously offer additional podcasts at different levels of Spanish. If you do not find something you like, please suggest a topic and we will record a podcast tailored to that topic in Spanish. This is all done free of charge!

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How do I know my level?

Most individuals already have an idea what their level of Spanish is. Individuals always understand more than what  they can speak. To have a better idea of what your level of Spanish is, we suggest listening to the basic level podcasts initially. If you think you can understand the basic level podcasts, try listening to the intermediate level podcasts and so on. In the near future, a test will be made available to determine your level of Spanish. Until then, we will continue to keep you posted!!! Subscribe to Podcast Spanish Online Fenix