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Listening comprehension of Spanish is very important to learn more Spanish in a different way. This is why we firmly believe if you listen to different recordings at your level, and they are interesting topics for you, you will start to improve your reading, listening and pronunciation using our free podcasts in Spanish.

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Podcast Podcast "Hispanic Americans and the Republican Party" Advanced Level


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We can record an individually tailored podcast in Spanish for you!

Send an e-mail with a topic of your choice, and we will record a podcast in Spanish for free at no additional cost to you!
Write in Spanish about the topic you want, as this is a great opportunity to help develop the language. We proofread your writing and we record a podcast according to your individual request! But best of all, it's free!

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Podcast Students and Former Students

You can find different recordings produced by our students and former students of Fenix Language Institute and Spanish Online Fenix.

Check what they do!

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Fenix Language Institute's online program is amazing. It is the perfect tool for busy professionals who want to practice and improve their Spanish language skills...