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Spanish Online Fenix is a project sponsored by Fenix Language Institute,
which was founded in 1973. Take lessons for yourself using our Learning Management System,  where You will find complete lessons with audios and videos in Spanish, along with much more to acquire the Spanish language! Spanish Lessons Online

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Learning Spanish or improving your Spanish can be much simpler when you have the right assistance from a tutor who is a native speaker of Spanish. This person can guide you step by step and interact with you according to your specific needs in the language. Learn Spanish Online in a Virtual Classroom!

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Yes, here you will find what you need to develop your Spanish. Should you
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Spanish is the official language of 22 countries and the second largest native language in the world, the second language used for international communication and the third most used language on the Internet. –Source: Wikipedia and Instituto Cervantes

free session to learn Spanish

We have achieved 45 years teaching Spanish in our Immersion program in Mexico!

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