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Questions about learning Spanish in a Virtual Classroom?

Do I need to install a special type of software on my computer for the Virtual Classroom? No, you do not need to install anything. We will provide you with the necessary information so that you don't waste time and only focus on learning how to acquire Spanish. The Virtual Classroom runs in any browser so no software downloads required and it works across platforms.

 Do I need to be an expert in computing? No, you only need basic knowledge. For example, knowing how to check your e-mail, open files, save files, etc. If it's necessary, your assigned instructor will help you so that everything is easier for you.

I would like to take the Virtual Classroom program. What do I need to do to get started? The first step is to fill out the Virtual Classroom Registration Form. We will then schedule a consultation in our Virtual Classroom to lay out a course of study personalized for you. Once this process is complete, you will be on your way to improving your Spanish skills. Start Now!

Are there any Virtual Classroom classes offered for advanced students? Yes, we do offer Spanish lessons for advanced learners. In addition to this, advanced learners will have the opportunity to participate in round table discussions. These discussions will involve debates of general topics with educated native Spanish speakers. These sessions will be recorded, so that the student will be able to utilize them afterwards for practice.

What methodology does the program use? Even though the DLCCI (Developing Language through Contextal Comprehensible Input) Fenix methodology is an eclectic one, it is essentially based in the Second Language Acquisition Theory (Stephen Krashen ) concept. And it was designed by Fenix Language Institute because each student has different needs that we must address in the correct way to ensure that his or her language acquisition will be faster and more effective. We cannot speak that which we do not understand. For this reason, we begin to construct language step-by-step, much in the same way that a house is built. We require a landscape, the design for the house of our dreams, construction materials, the foundation, walls, a roof, and everything else that is necessary to create a house that reflects exactly what we imagined.

Do I have to learn a lot of grammar? Formal grammar is an important tool to understand the structure of the Spanish language, but it alone is not going to make us speak the language. You will have access to many different grammatical concepts in each lesson. Should you have any questions you will be able to ask your instructor for help at any moment.

Can you guarantee that I will be able to speak Spanish in a set amount of time? Yes, we can guarantee that you will be able to speak Spanish in a set amount of time. You will need to outline and define your goals and follow the instructions that we provide you with during the process of acquiring the Spanish language. The commitment is a mutual one, both the instructor and the student will commit to achieving these goals.

Is it really effective to learn to acquire Spanish online? Acquiring a new language does not happen through magic; it is necessary to follow several important steps that will help you effectively achieve your goal of either learning a new language or improving upon your existing language skills. We do not believe in those programs or methods that promote obtaining language skills as though it were a magical process. With forty years of experience working with over 15,000 students to help them to learn Spanish, we have developed formulas that accelerate the learning-acquisition language process.

Why should I enroll in the Fenix Language Institute Virtual Classroom Spanish program? 

1. Because we are a diverse team of individuals that combines youth with 40 years of experience that will all serve to help you learn Spanish in a Virtual Classroom.

2. Because we do not pretend to do magic like other programs do; we put you on the right track for you to be able to speak Spanish in said amount of time.

3. Because you can enjoy our program from the comfort of your own home, office, hotel, or from wherever you are in the world.

4. Because you can rest assured that you will receive the personal attention that you need.

5. Because we utilize the most up-to-date technology to ensure that your learning experience is a productive one.

What are the costs of the Virtual Classroom? The costs depend on the number of sessions that you decide to take. The larger amount of sessions that are purchased equals a better rate. Fees Virtual Classroom

How do I pay for Virtual Classroom courses ? We prefer to conduct transactions via PayPal. We will send your bill via email, with a link and instructions to complete the payment. PayPal accepts the majority of credit and debit cards, and it is not necessary to have an account with them to make a payment. Also, if you prefer not to use PayPal, we maintain a U.S. address, and you may send a check to us there.  Start Now and fill your Registration Form!

 Are the assigned instructors native spanish speakers? Your instructor speaks enough English to guide you step-by-step in the process of teaching you how to acquire Spanish. However, in agreement with our method, you will have to speak Spanish starting from the first lesson. That is our mission.

Please contact if you have some more especific questions, we are ready to help you!