Testimonials Students Learning Spanish in a Virtual Classroom

Fenix Language Institute’s online program is amazing. It is the perfect tool for busy professionals who want to practice and improve their Spanish language skills. As an attorney, I was concerned about finding time to prepare for an important Spanish language exam. FLI was easily able to accommodate my scheduling needs. Arturo was a pleasure to work with, and tailored each class to meet my specific study goals. At the end of my sessions, I felt confident that I would pass my exam…and I did! I highly recommend this program!
Jillian Haynal / Kalispell, Montana

I tell everyone I know who is interested in learning Spanish about the Fenix Language Institute’s / Spanish Online Fenix virtual classes! I have never had such a personalized language learning experience in my entire life. At Fenix students benefit from the attention and expertise of a live teacher who is constantly evaluating and monitoring your progress in order to make timely adjustments, to give targeted feedback, match learning experiences specifically to your needs, and tailor instruction to also meet your interests. For example, I am the principal of a charter school in Los Angeles, so Arturo makes clear connections to how I can use the vocabulary from our lessons in my context. Even in a busy schedule of juggling work and family – I excitedly look forward to the three hours I get to spend each week practicing and learning Spanish with him – it’s so much fun! Arturo Dorado is so knowledgeable (40+ years of experience and training teaching Spanish as a second language), interesting (has deep cultural knowledge and exciting life experiences – you have to speak to him to learn more!), and – simply – very warm and encouraging.
Rachelle Minix / California

I love studying Spanish in Fenix’s virtual classroom. The lessons are fun and informative. Access to the Spanish lessons is easy and the audio and visual connections are really clear. With the Fenix methodology I am learning Spanish and so much more. I am learning about cultural issues and history and I am challenged to think about new ideas and concepts. Best of all, my Fenix teacher has really helped me improve my Spanish pronunciation and fluidity.

Beth Heriza/Portland, Oregon

The online program at the Fenix Language Institute provided the intensity I required with one-on-one instruction in Spanish but with the convenience of conducting the lessons in my office and home. Additionally, the program was substantially more cost effective than many other programs – including local schools and tutors. The program provided tremendous flexible in terms of schedule – working around my busy days with Spanish lessons early in the early morning, during lunch, in the evenings and even including the weekends. Of course I would have preferred to spend several months in colonial Zacatecas Mexico dedicating my days to acquiring Spanish, however, for many circumstances similar to mine, the online program provides a flexible, intensive and cost effective alternative to quickly acquire Spanish.

Eric MacDonald/El Paso, Texas

I am taking the classes – virtual – and it is a wonderful experience. If you are interested in learning to speak Spanish or already an experienced speaker – an even better way to stay in practice. I have taken classes in Zacatecas and it’s just like being there:)

Debby Stuker/Gilroy, California